I understand that you have a number of choices when it comes to finding the right sales consultant to help you grow your revenue. I am here for you, and would love to help you by drawing on my over decade of experience. Please reach out to me when you’re ready to discuss how I can help you develop and close more business.

Sales Recruiting
Finding the right personnel for your team is the first step in building the right sales culture for your organization. I offer assistance with finding, interviewing and advising on hiring the right candidates based upon your core principles and culture.

Sales Training
I offer half day trainings (online or in person) that covers the entire sales cycle and prepares your team for success. These are interactive sessions designed to help your sales reps critically think about their approach to sales and improve performance.
This is helpful for organizations looking to revamp their entire sales process or startups looking to develop a new one. The sales process is different for every organization. Based on your product and approach, I will work with you to develop the right sales process that will shorten your sales cycle, produce a healthy sales funnel and increase revenue.

Lead Generation
The sales cycle begins by generating qualified leads into your sales funnel. This is the stage where the relationship between sales and marketing is most crucial. There are a number of areas I can help at this stage of the sales cycle:

Messaging – How do you position your product in a way that captures your customer’s attention and prompts them to engage with you? I will work with you to develop the right message that captures your customer’s imagination and yields results.

Landing Page Development – Once you have the messaging down, now it’s time to develop the right landing page. What are you offering in exchange for your prospect signing up? A demo or webinar of your product? A whitepaper/ebook? If you don’t have the time to set this page up, let me know.

Search Engine Optimization – If you don’t Google well, you won’t sell well. I have a network of partners that are at my disposal to help my customers optimize their search results to increase their leadflow.

Google and Social Paid Ads – I will work with you to develop the right targeted paid ads to get in front of your audience. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We will come up with the right combination of platforms to work with based on your needs.

Social Media Marketing – Yes, you can generate sales leads from social media. Here’s a dose of transparency that you sometimes won’t get from a “social media guru” – it doesn’t happen overnight. You need the right mindset, a strategy and patience. I can help you develop that strategy and provide the day-to-day management of your social profiles.

Customer Feedback
Many organizations fail to realize that surveying your prospects and/or current customers is an important aspect to business development. The insight that can be derived from this type of feedback is priceless. This is where I help you find out where you’re leaving money on the table and determine the best course of action. I will help you with:

Question Design – What are you trying to find out? We need to answer that critical question before coming up with the questions. If you don’t have the time or experience to do this, let me know.

Message Development – I will work with you to develop a simple email message that will provoke your prospect and/or customer to take the time to respond to your survey.

Survey Deployment – If you don’t have the time to do the leg work, let me know. I will launch the survey through email and provide a link for you to market through your channels.

Presentation of Insights – I will tease the data and present you with the findings that includes a report and action items based upon the results. This will be done in a presentation format and will be presented to you and/or your executive team.